Forecast program and planning.

Saturday May 4

8h30- 12h00 4 stages
12h00- 14h00 lunch
14h00-17h00 4 stages
16h00-18h00 Duels

Sunday May 5

8h30 12h00 4 stages

Number of cartridges to provide:
                   (at least)
Rifle: 500
Pistol: 500
Coach Gun: 100

Wild Bunch
Friday, May 3

8h30-12h00  4 stages

Number of cartridges to provide:
                   (at least)
Rifle: 40 
Pistol: 48 
Coach Gun: 24

It will be awarded to the winning team of the eponymous event, which will have custody until the next year's event where it will be put back into play.
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Long Range

                          all match  are shot only with lead bullets.

 Friday 11th May

14h00 start of the long range matches

                                     - TRADITIONAL CREEDMOOR -

Team competition of 2 too 4 competitors with team and individual ranking. Black powder only, minimum 40 caliber.
Target shooting similar to those used during the September 28, 1874 match at Creedmoor, adapted to the distance of 200 meters.
15 cartridges per shooter. At the end of the shot, the two worst impacts will be removed from the scoring. Total possible 52 points.
Free shooting position but the weapon can not have any support other than the shooter's body.  

                                          - THE MATTHEW QUIGLEY-
Shot on 4 metal targets placed at 80, 100, 120 and 140 meters.
6 cartridges authorized under stopwatch.
Standing shot without support.
Start shooting on the nearest target, at each hit the shooter moves to the next one. The winner is the one who hit the farthest target with his 4 rounds.
In case of a tie, the tie will be made on the number of shots fired and then on the time.


Caliber shoulder weapon of a minimum of 45.
Black powder only. No riflescope, diopter allowed.
Weapons accepted: Sharps, Trapdoor, Rolling Block, Winchester 1876, Winchester 1885, Winchester 1886, Winchester 1895 ... or other bison weapons.


Maximum size of 45 for handgun.
All match rifles accepted.
Smokeless powder or black powder.

                                                    - DIXIE CONTEST-

Stage Black Powder Only. 
5 shots Cap'n Ball Cal. 44 mini 
2 shots Muzle Laodind Cal. 44 mini 
4 shots Coach Gun External Hammer 
Possibility of loan of arms, and sale of ammunition 
See the Registration Form

Meals & Hosting
Accommodation, catering etc ... We can receive, to a reasonable extent, campers, caravans, or camper on the site of the stand. Unfortunately we only have water (cold) on the site. here is a non-exhaustive list of paid accommodation near Mazaugues
What to eat ?

 This year we want to offer the best possible conditions and the highest standards in terms of quality to the competitors who will make us the pleasure and the honor to join us. That's why we decided to use the services of a local caterer for all the meals of this event. The agapes looks to be grandiose.


Friday 3rd May

Lunch 12h00-13h30
Dinner 19h00 presentation of the Long Range Trophies

Saturday 4th May

Lunch 12: 00-13: 30
19: 00 Gala dinner, Main matches awards hand costum contest.

Sunday 5th May

Lunch 12h30

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