Southern shooter

3rd lead storm

For the third year in a row, the Rock Canyon team is pleased to welcome you to the 3rd edition of Lead Storm. This contest draws, as it should, its inspiration in the Civil War and the great Confederate generals who led it. This year promises to be exceptional, with your encouragement and our previous successes we have decided to offer you a contest over three days. More internships, more side-matches, more dating, more fun to share. This year we pay tribute to General Jeb Stuart through the evocation of the Battle and Siege of Fredericksburg.
There will be 10 minimum shooting stages, several long range events, including a traditional Creedmoor and Wild Bunch. Animations are planned, duels,  costume contest etc. For this purpose we have set up this mini site so that you can read all the programs, schedules and various information that will be useful to you by following the appropriate tabs. In addition, by clicking on the registration form, you can download the registration forms and documents related to your participation directly.
Captain Jack Richie
Co-creator and organizer of the Lead Storm, master es-stage writing, great leader of men, head of events, half-time Gunfigther, creative genius.
Bob Sailor
Our master after God, Match Director for life, great organizer of the festivities, coordinator of efforts, tireless worker, great architect, Alpha and Omega of our section, universal genius.
Major Meadow Snake
Co-creator and organizer of Lead Storm, compulsive inventor, lucky handyman, responsible for registration and communication, in charge of digital, Gunfigther tourist.
The Old's reliable
Main Matches
Here a glimpse of what awaits you ... No way to deflower the surprise, but indications in terms of quantity of ammunition, planing matches, posses, and all things necessary and useful.
Wild Bunch
This year our valiant opponents The Northern Pacifics are offering us a Wild Bunch match in this contest. Totally anachronistic for the Lead Storm theme, but when you love you do not count, let them be warmly thanked. More informations ? it's over there...
Long Range
The list and the complete rules of the Long Range disciplines to follow here.
Meals & Hosting
Accommodation, camping intendance ... Have any questions? We have answers.
Want to know more? You can contact us at the following adress.